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1000 Doves descend upon your event!

1st Century GodsDoves Holy Spirit descend in the bodily form as a Dove. (Luke 3:22)

Mobile DovesRV
deliver GodsDoves.

GodsDoves recycle Easter baskets.

GodsDoves sleep tight all night.

return safe.
"GodsDoves Release" has been with us before John Baptist testified; "I have seen the Holy Spirit descend from Heaven in the form as a Dove." (John 1:32) To (Gen 1:2) "...and the Holy Spirit of God gently swept over the surface of the waters." to (Gen 8:6-12) Noah releasing three Doves, to (Matt 21:12) Jesus releasing the Doves overturning tables in the Temple, to (Luke 3:22) The Holy Spirit descended upon him in the bodily form as a Dove.

GodsDoves are Spiritual Angels
Doves are considered divine spiritual realms. For centuries Doves were used as carrier pigeons because of their excellent navigational skills. They can roam hundreds of miles from home, and always find their way back.

YOU release Doves
Spiritual GodsDoves Release,
a loved one or a close friend may release GodsDoves symbolizing the one we have come to honor.

*Mobile Dove Release
Mobile DovesRV.com will travel anywhere inside the USA, to put on a Dove show for you. By appointment 206-664-1945. Trust only GodsDoves to fly safe, others may not.

Questions & Answers
What happens to released Doves?
GodsDoves come from God, and fly back to God as released. We attach a GPS ring onto their leg before release, our mobile DovesRV.com picks them up.

Doves are Angels from Heaven.
In various religious and cultural traditions, Doves are considered to be Angels of God or symbols of divine presence. In the Bible, Doves are associated with the Holy Spirit, peace, love, and hope.

Noah's Doves
After the Flood Noah released three Doves. (Gen 8:11) Noah released one Dove, it came back. The second Dove returned carrying a freshly plucked olive leaf, a sign of life. Noah's third Dove released, is looking to descend upon you! Call Apostle Mary WeBaptize.com 206-664-1945

What does releasing two Doves
at a memorial mean?
Releasing two Doves symbolizes the departure of the deceased's soul, followed by a single Dove symbolizes their guardian spirit angel.

Three Doves followed by the release of one Dove symbolize the Holy Trinity (The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).

What does it mean when God sends Doves?
The Dove of Christ means salvation, and the Dove of David indicates peace, whereas the Dove with an olive branch brings good tidings.

Do mourning Doves really mourn?
It is said that these Doves are aware of their loss, as they pair for life never separating, they will mourn the loss of their life mate. Although Doves may seem to mourn, they are not named for this reason but for the sad sound they make.

Biblically mourning Doves symbolize
Jesus' resurrection, and God's Holy Seal Baptism adopting us, as His children to take part in the final resurrection.
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Rent-A-Dove $199 for three (3) GodsDoves, $49 per Dove thereafter. You may release from our white wicker basket, ($75 refundable deposit required).
Prices subject to change without notice.
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There is no reason to fear Armeggedon, if you have GodsHolySeal.com. "Harm only those who do not have Gods Seal on their foreheads..." (Rev 9:5). Jesus said, "There's only one way into Heaven!" (John 3:5)

John Baptist said: "But the one having sent me to Baptize in water that one to me said, upon whomever you see the Spirit descending and remaining upon him, this is the Baptizing in the Holy Spirit." (John 1:33) (Exact word for word Greek to English LearnReadGreek.com translation)

John Baptist BaptismalDove.com is back!
John Baptized all Judea 400,000 people (Matt 3:5) with Gods Dove, the Holy Spirit descending in the bodily form as a Dove remaining upon them.
(Luke 3:22) John Baptist's Dove is back today!

Go ahead, I DARE YOU!!
Take GodsDoves test, if God's Dove remains on you, then you're born again and adopted (Baptized) into Heaven, the Kingdom of God. However, if God's Dove does not remain on you, then God is saying; you are not Baptized into the Kingdom of God at this time. You must try your 2ndBaptism again later, if you wish. You see it's God's choice, not mans.

Do Not rent/buy pet store birds to release,
they cannot be released into the wild.
Trust only GodsDoves to fly safe!

If you cannot see Gods Holy Spirit in the bodily form as a Dove (Luke 3:22), how do you know you have been Baptized, adopted into the Kingdom of God? It is Gods choice, not a Church man's choice of you are adopted or not into the Kingdom of God.

Apostle's Peter and John, said they needed to reBaptize 2ndBaptism Christians because they were only Baptized in the name of Jesus Christ. (Acts 8:14-17) Meaning they did not see Gods Holy Spirt.

Aposlte Paul, (Acts 19:5) reBaptized 12 Christian Disciples 2ndBaptism because they did not know about Gods Holy Spirit.

Three witnesses testify you must see Gods Holy Spirit in the bodily form as a Dove. How else are you to know Gods Holy Spirit has remained upon you? That God has adopted (accepted) you into Heaven? All Church's teach you do not need to see Gods Holy Spirit, but you only need faith to "feel it."

Baptizing with Gods BaptismalDove.com
If you did not see God'sHolySpirit
.com descend upon you in the bodily form as a Dove, (Luke 3:22) then you too need to be re-Baptized again too. SEE 2ndBaptism.com

Lucifer does not want you in Heaven,
that's his job! He wants you Baptized only once in the name of Jesus Christ, but Lucifer does not want you to see Gods Holy Spirit in the bodily form as a Dove. (Luke 3:22) Why is it wrong to see GodsHolySeal.com upon you? (Rev 7:3)

John Baptist is back to prove a point.
With an important story that deals with mystery, suspense, and now the BibleEND cannibalism, you've never heard before. Jesus said the last days is today, as the Gospel has now been preached to the whole entire world. (Matt 24:14)

What is GodsHolySeal.com?
Gods Baptism is God's Holy Spirit descending in the bodily form as a Dove is the SEAL God adopted YOU! (Luke 3:22) "Baptized with God's Holy Spirit descending in the bodily form as a Dove." "He destined us for adoption as His children through Jesus Christ..." (Eph 1:5) "...having believed (Baptized) we're marked with the SEAL of the promised Holy Spirit." (Eph 1:13)

It's Gods choice not man's choice.
If Gods Dove remains upon you, then God has adopted you into Heaven the Kingdom of God. If Gods Holy Spirit in the bodily form as a Dove does not remain upon you, then that is Gods Sign that you are not adopted by God into the Kingdom of God. Call Apostle Mary 206-664-1945 to receive Gods Holy Seal on your forehead@your Church NOW before it's too late.
Time to witness miracles
What's an event without GodsDoves?
Funerals, Memorials, Anniversaries, Weddings,
Baptize Special Occasions!
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Trust only GodsDoves to
fly safe, others may not.
Power Prayer
John Baptist is back!
Ancient Jewish commentator says:
“Gods divine voice comes to us cooing as a Dove."
google it!
John Baptist is back!
SEE God's Holy Spirit descend in the
bodily form as a Dove! (Luke 3:22,
John 1:32, Mark 1:10, Matt 3:16)
Apostle Paul
Baptized Christian's twice!
If they did not see GodsHolySeal
.com (Acts 19:5)