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Power Prayer
If you have a prayer request; hold GodsDoves, say your prayer, then release God's Dove to God. If your faith is as tiny as a mustard seed, your prayer will be answered. Amen! I have seen the Holy Spirit in the form of a Dove descending from Heaven. (John 1:32)
If Jesus said: “If you want to be perfect, sell your possessions and give to the poor, you will have treasure in Heaven. Then follow me.” (Matt 19:21) What are you wating for?

iEstating Estate Sales is a 50/50% 501(c)(3) nonprofit Estate Sale fundraiser, 50% goes to you, and 50% goes to Veteran's suicide prevention earning you a tax deduction while saving Veteran's.
501(c)(3) nonprofit
Apostle Mary Corporate Charity
Serving entire United States
by appointment only
Veteran's Channel
Trump in the
Descend from Heaven
to fulfill your prayer! fly west to Seattle, King County, WA, and east to Coeur d'Alene Idaho. NEW! travels to you anywhere in the US.

Trust only GodsDoves to fly safe, others may not. All proceeds benefit Veterans suicide prevention SuicideBusters
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Time to witness miracles
Releasing GodsDoves ALL areas in the USA are the real thing!
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Now serving all USA
BibleEND John Dorr (Rev 4:1)
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Apostle Mary 501(c)(3) nonprofit online Church
Incorporated in Washington State
Spokane Whie Dove Release
(Loft location serving Spokane-Idaho-Coeur'dalene, Eastern Washington)
2111 North Belt Street
Spokane, WA 99205

Seattle White Dove Release
King County - Seattle Branch Office
(Loft location serving King County,
Western Washington)
Sammamish, WA 98209
206-664-1945 (Call or Text)
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